The ANSI Standard Z358.1-2014 dictates that the emergency shower water temperature requirements must be between 16-38 degrees Celsius, running continuously for at least 15 minutes. Tepid water reduces the risk of shock or light-headedness that can occur should water be too hot or cold, however when we take into consideration a worker’s need to remove […]

A chemical burn can occur when a worker’s skin or eyes come into contact with an irritant, for example an acid or base. Also known as caustic burns, they can affect internal organs should any chemical also be digested. Chemical burns can be caused by products such car battery acid, bleach, ammonia, solvents, paper thinners, […]

In 2017, in collaboration with our North American distributor, Speakman®, we won the prestigious New Product of the Year 2017 for our ANSI Z358.1 compliant Emergency Tank Shower at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo by Occupational Health & Safety magazine. The award followed a period of independent testing where we were granted ANSI-standard compliance […]

Remote, lone or distributed workers are classified as individuals who spend at least part of their working week away from a main office or work location. According to the IOSH, it is estimated that nearly half of all workers across Western Europe (129.5 million people) can be classed as a lone worker with the figure […]

Planned maintenance is necessary for emergency safety showers or equipment to perform correctly. At Empteezy, our focus on safety is paramount and instead of simply going through a process of self-certification, we went the extra mile and elected to have our tepid water emergency tank shower SE-VTS-1 undergo independent tests to prove its compliance to […]

If any chemicals are used in your workplace, it is essential that you protect employees and ensure you have a robust chemical burn treatment process in place. Chemical burns can be caused by a variety of substances; from acids and gasolines to something as simple as drain cleaner. It can be difficult to identify a […]

A safety shower is an essential piece of equipment designed to protect workers, particularly those dealing with hazardous or chemical substances. They are in place to ensure workers have access to flowing water to decontaminate them or remove any hazardous materials from the body. A safety shower is manufactured to wash a person’s head, body […]

When workers are subjected to hazardous chemicals or liquids in their day-to-day role, regulations state that adequate emergency decontamination equipment is quickly accessible to anyone who has been contaminated. In addition, the importance of tepid water in treating someone has grown.  Whilst it was only introduced to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirement list […]